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Plant List

Sliding Head Lathes Capacity   Number Off
Citizen L20  20mm Dia Bar   12
Citizen L25 25mm Dia Bar 1
Citizen L32 32mm Dia Bar   2
Star KNC 20 20mm Dia Bar   4
Star SR20 20mm Dia Bar   2
Star SR32 32mm Dia Bar   1
Multi Spindle Lathes Capacity   Number Off
Wickman NC 626 6 spindle 26mm Dia Bar 1
Mori-Say CNC 626 6 Spindle 26mm Dia Bar   1
Fixed Head Lathes Capacity   Number Off
Eguro 150mm Dia Chuck   2
Kitamura My10 100mm Dia Chuck   2
Kitamura My20B 200mm Dia Chuck   1
Nakmura TMC20 200mm Dia Chuck 1
Mori Seiki SL200 390mm Dia Max   3
Mori Seiki ZL15SM 50mm Dia Bar   5
Mori Seiki ZL15S 50mm Dia Bar   1
Mori Seiki ZL15 50mm Dia Bar 4
Mori Seiki SL25M 250mm Dia Chuck   1
Robotically Loaded Fixed Head Lathes Capacity   Number Off
Mori Seiki CL15 150mm Chuck   1
Mori Seiki SL15 MC 150mm Chuck   1
Twin Spindle Lathes with Y axis Capacity   Number Off
Mori Seiki NL2500 250mm Dia Chuck 2
  200mm Sub Chuck    
Mori Seiki ZL2500 250mm Dia Chuck   1
  150mm Sub Chuck  
Mori Seiki ZT 2500Y 7 Axis 254mm Dia Chuck  1
  75mm Spindle Bore  
Mori Seiki NLX 2500SY 305mm Dia Chuck  1
CNC Vertical Mills Capacity   Number Off
Kitamura Mycentre 0 APC 305x460x254   16
Kitamura Mycentre 1 485x300x405   1
Kitamura Mycentre 2  APC 380x600x405   1
Kitamura Mycentre My3 400x900x455   2
Kitamura Mycentre Sonic 400x900x460   1
Matsuura APC RA1G 380x760x460   1
Mori-Seiki SV5000 1320x600x510   1
Mori Seiki Duracentre5 1100x600x510   2
Doosan DNM650 1270x670x625 2

Bridgeport GX1600



Bridgeport MF400/12c 5 Axis 410x610x500 1
Mecal MC305 4000x460x400 1
CNC Horizontal Mills Capacity   Number Off
Mycentre H250 305x305x300   4
Mycentre H300 400x350x400   2
Mycentre H400 610x510x510   2
Mori-Seiki H400 510x510x510   2
Rotary Transfer Machines Capacity   Number Off
Wirth and Guffit WG126 6 Station 2
Wirth and Guffit WG128 8 Station 1
SGE - transfer unit     1
Prototyping Area     Number Off
Bridgeport CNC Mill     1
KRV2000 Mill 2
KRV3000 Mill 1
KRV DPM Prototrak CNC Mill 1
Viking VM2000 Mill 1
Centec Mill     1
Colchester Master 2500 Lathe     1
Colchester Triumph 2000 C/Lathe     1
Okuma Centre Lathe LS 1
Tos Centre Lathe - SN63C-71G     1
Tos Trencin Centre Lathe SN40     1
Grinding     Number Off
Darex Drill & Cutter Grinder     2
Jones & Shipman Surface Grinder     1
SeeDtec Surface Grinder 1
Myford Cylindrical Grinder     2
Lidkoping 4B Centreless Grinder     1
Clarkson 11 Tool & Cutter Grinder     1
Brierly Drill Point Grinder     1
Slotting and Broaching Machines     Number Off
Solma JK11 Auto Slotter 1
Slotter HOV 25A     1
Herbert TM7 Broach 1
Drilling, Tapping & Riveting     Number Off
Bench Drill     2
Pillar Drill     3
Solma Drill C.M.B.F.G.     1
Ajax Pedestal Drill B-16L     1
Bench Tapping Machine     1
Herbert 3 spindle drill     1
Pemsetter Press     1
Haeger Inserting Machine     2
Presses     Number Off
Hare 25 Press 1
Hare 5BS Press     4
Inspection     Number Off
Mitutoyo 3-Axis CMM BX303     1
Mitutoyo 3-Axis CNC CMM 544     1
Mitutoyo 3-Axis CNC CMM 574 1
Mitutoyo  QM5000 SPC Data Logger 1
Surftec 400     1
HCS XSS Bench Rockwell Hardness Tester     1
Baty Projector     3
Trimos Vertical Height Gauge 1
Attonic Pull/Push Tester 1
Granite Surface Table 2
Trimos SPC Package 1
Mitutoyo Cosmos 2.4 1
Dataputer SPC Software 1
Dataputer SPC Data Logger     10
Cryostatic Testing     Number Off
BOC Edwards Vacume tester     1
Inficon UL1000 Helium Leak Detector 1

Marking & Engraving

    Number Off
Roll Marking Machine     1
Pro Pen Marking Machine with 4th axis     1
Deburring/Sawing/Cleaning     Number Off
Vibrating Bowls     2
Fully Automatic Saws 2
Ultrasonic Cleaning     1
Addison TL-500-A Up Cutting Saw    1
Assembly     Number Off
General mechanical assembly, including fitting low level electronics, fascia panels and wiring  
Transport     Number Off
Mercedes Atego 7.5T 1
Mercedes Sprinter (Curtain Side) 1
Mercedes Sprinter  1
Iveco Eurocargo 1
Iveco Daily 2.3 HPI 2
Cad / Cam     Number Off
Pathtrace 1
Pro E ( via LPE) 2
3D Iges   
2D ME10   
2D DXF   
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